Sourdough starter

Our sourdough yeast was born on 10 March 2015. A cold-pressed Zevio apple puree added the first sugars that activated the natural maturation. Since then, we have kept this precious ingredient protected from light in special ceramic pots of Grottaglie, there’s one for each day of the week. We had them made for us only and you can see them, above the shelves inside the restaurant.


The sourdough yeast requires a low temperature and a long-term cooking: for this reason we use a latest generation electric oven that enhances the long natural leavening and allows us to make a slightly smaller size pizza, but with a high and fragrant crust.


Diego, our pizza maker, refreshes the sourdough starter every day and lets the dough rest for at least 24 hours, before using it to make pizza. And if one morning you happen to peek inside our windows, maybe you will see him opening one of these jars, intent on this ritual and delicate operation.