Ancient grains

Eat an healthy and genuine pizza!

More intense flavor and taste, greater intake of vitamins and minerals, less gluten and all the lightness of sourdough starter. These are the characteristics that make our pizza with ancient grains dough even better and more digestible.

What are ancient grains?

They are types of wheat that spread out in Italy at the beginning of the twentieth century; they do not undergo genetic improvement processes like white soft wheat flour.

The production of white flour is more abundant, but it produces a grain very poor nutritional-wise and with much more gluten. This is why some ancient grains have risked disappearing. They have been recovered and given value in the name of biodiversity and the Italian historical-cultural heritage.

Ancient grains are of better quality and more valuable because they are the result of small agricultural productions. They cost a little more, because they are more difficult to cultivate and do not undergo intensive processes. But you can be sure to eat a really healthy and genuine flour (and pizza).

Virgo wheat flour

Virgo is a mixed-breeding project, financed by Emilia Romagna, which aims to recover ancient grains species. They are a precious biodiversity historical heritage because of its organoleptic qualities, which enhances the climatic and agricultural characteristics of the territories chosen for the crops.

We are talking about soft wheat and the varieties involved are Andriolo, Inallettabile, Verna, Gentil Rosso and Frassineto. The grains are completely stone-ground, in order to obtain a semi-wholemeal flour that preserves unaltered all the nutritive properties of the selected grains.

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